1. A great friend that makes you laugh all the time.
2. Someone who has a floppy whale vagina and/or a choad.
3. A old crazy dustball
Yooo that grandpa drives slow, He's a Douga!

Girlone:"Man I slept with that guy last night, he was a doug."
Girltwo:"Are you serious?!, I'm never gonna try anything with him."
by MonsterMcBeastin! January 2, 2009
Japanese video website overwhelmed by otaku in which comments scroll over the video at the place in the video where they were typed. For instance, if a comment is typed while the watcher is at 2:00, then all users from there on will see the comment fly by at 2:00, everytime. Sucks because you have to sign up to watch videos, and is impossible to navigate if you're an English speaker like everyone else. Available in every language but English, such as Supaanishu (Spanish), Garman (German), and amazingly understandable Taiwanese. This site is only good for MADs (which are AMVs, but actually decent), and Vocaloid.
"I was watching some Haruhi MADs on Nico Nico Douga."

"What the hell is Haruhi, MADs, and Nico?!"
by Aerii December 30, 2009