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A small, elite group of douche bags, who are at the top of their douche game among their douche monkey brethren. They are the supreme douches of all douche masters, and none can douche as they do -err- douche.

Many douchemeisters believe they inherently belong to the Douchoise. This, however, is complete fallacy. One must prove his douchebaggery to be in exponential excess of your standard douche pack peon in order to even be considered for a rare spot in this sacred and privileged brotherhood. Not just any run of the mill douche monger can join; one must be invited and initiated in the most extreme doucheloaf fashion.

You see, members of the Douchoise (yes, it's capitalized, douche pumper!) are the cream of the crop, the best of the best, and the absolute most douche-esque of all that is douchery.
Damn! That guy is far beyond dickville... he's a member of the effin douchoise!
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