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1. A terrible police officer someone is dating who embodies the well know stereotype of being an asshole, whining, yelling, manipulative piece of shit bully with a tiny penis.
2. A boyfriend who has a tiny penis that equals the size of a pig's penis.
3. A cop that tried to date someone way above his level and then attempts to pull that person down by making them feel shitty about themselves. All the while knowing he is a pig, and a douche.
4. Any police officer with the name "Craig".
1. "I just rid myself of that Douchepig Craig I was dating. He had a tiny penis and was incredibly pathetic, mean and annoying. Goodbye, fuck off and die Douchepig!"
2. "When I try to have sex with my boyfriend Craig he has such a small penis I am completely unsatisfied and sort of embarrassed for him. He is a sad little Douchepig..."
3. "My name is Craig, and I am aware I am both a Pig and a Douche and everyone is better than me, yet I attempt to make others feel shitty. I actually believe my Douchepig self could be better than someone else. I live in a fantasy Douchepig world.
4. "Wow, it's amazing how all police officers named Craig are gigantic Douchepigs."
by monkeymugcup February 10, 2017
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1.Faggot cops that will never give you a good break.
2.Ass holes who enjoy pushing you into door frames when you walk by.
3.A friend who just makes things worse.
ex:1. "did that guy just give you a ticket? yea... What a douche pig!"
ex:2. -walking happily by and rammed into frame- "DOUCHEPIG!"
ex:3. "dude did he just punch you in the face?" "yea bro it hurt like hell." "you know whats good for that?" "what?" "Dead Arm!" "....douchpig..."
by thatterriblechild May 09, 2010
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a metal head not currently being metal, some one who is not currently being metal. insult.
dude my friend became such a douche pig when he went to that nightwish concert
nightwish = unmetal
by deadlykitty August 27, 2006
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