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1. A female version of a douchebag which sounds like a compliment at first but is, in fact, an unsuspecting flip-off to the recipient who, in another life and world (or after having had a sex change), might actually be correctly deemed a douchebag.

2. A politer version of bitch, but with deeper, thought-provoking undertones. Useful for unsuspecting foes who might actually take it as a compliment.

Coined during an interesting discussion about the origins of the word douchebag during which no one could think of a female equivalent - Here it is, in all its glory.
Ambronina: "So then, just to spite me, she spiked my cup of tea with laxatives. I was on the loo all day!"

Erica: "OMG, she's such a douchebelle!"

Gowlinda: "Here's your latte. Sorry that I forgot to ask them to use skimmed milked - I'm sure you would've wanted it like that."
Justina: "Awww... Thanks. You're such a douchebelle."
Gowlinda: "That's so nice of you... Bitch."
by Mod-RSI-2,6-YOLO December 19, 2014
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