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Douche Coupe: A person of such extremely lame character it's neither practical nor easy to handle- it's full on turbo sporting; a level of lameness that contrasts the utilitarian minivan of jerkoff (and even surpasses the douchiness of a giant lifted truck with those chrome testicles swinging from the bumper) with downright flamboyant, high-performance Ferrari-quality shortcomings.

Inspired partially by the classic oldie, "My little douche-coupe... You don't know what I got!"
by PaulAllensCard January 29, 2015
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A Mini Cooper. Given that these cars are almost exclusively purchased by hipster douchebags, you will almost always see them being driven in an inconsiderate and often deliberately-illegal fashion.
Oh look, it's a Little Douche Coupe!
by NonPC Fox September 03, 2016
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