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An action done whilst operating a motor vehicle. On a Douche Cruise (noun), an individual or group(s) may have their windows rolled down while playing douchy music through their stereo on high volume - with full intent to attract attention to themselves. The Douche Cruise is usually performed in high-population areas in close proximity to other bystanders/pedestrians. The Douche Cruise is primarily done in vehicles thought to be “cool” or with significant modifications.
“Hey dude, let’s take your new whip on a Douche Cruise and pick up chicks!”
“Look at that guy on a Douche Cruise, his exhaust is sick!”
by 4OH3 June 27, 2018
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a person that exceeds the boundaries of a duochecanoe,
or all members of the United States Navy that wear khaki uniforms.
"My boss is a raging Douchecruise!!!"
by Chode McGee May 10, 2007
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