A person who is such a total and utter wanker, that just calling them a wanker is insufficient.
That guy is so annoying. What a double wanker he is!
by El Woodio Woodio December 1, 2010
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I masterbait or I jerk off other people

2 @ a time brotha brotha
Chew kok long Imma double wank ya.

Trt barrels eh


Your a #double wanker
by Tokyo Sex Whale & Chew KokLong November 9, 2019
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The action associated when calling someone a double wanker. The gesture is expressed by having each arm at either side of hips with hands in a wanker motion. Can sometimes be confused with a monkey chant.
Police: What are you doing there on camera?
Gav the Chav: It's clearly the double wanker sign!
by vestrynow November 12, 2012
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