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The act of synchronizing one or more cynical or sarcastic remarks with a friend on an innocent by-stander because it's the internet.
Crystal: Tha little details are the once dat matter:) ♥
Christopher: Ones!
Jonathan: Ones!
Crystal Ann Gonzalez: Ahh honest mistake no ones perfect guys!
Christopher: Except us!
Jonathan: Except us!
Crystal: Ahh why do you guys have to be double trolling people like that?
by Rogue Redox April 27, 2011
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The art of pissing off two different, ideologically opposing, groups with one statement, comment, or social media exchange. Double Trolling is conducted solely for personal amusement.
Bill Burr is just double trolling the internet when he says things like "Trump is such a dope, he's actually going to make me vote for a woman."
by Adolf Earnhardt February 27, 2017
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