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To be called a cunt twice in the same sentence.

It can be especially attributed to somebody who has acted in such a way that their cuntworthiness is doubled, therefore justifying such a title.
"Why did you fuck my cat and traumtise it so much? You cunting cunt!"

"Ouch, I have just been double cunted"
by ezydriver March 08, 2008
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double-cunted: particularly wanton, lewd, perverted or lascivious; also, and more often, a generic insulting adjective combined with other terms.

Etymology: alluding to engagement in sexual activity of auxiliary orificia (e.g., mouth, anus) in addition to or other than the orifice devoted to elimination of sloughed endometrium, aborted embryo, babies, other emissions, excretions or discharges (i.e., vagina or cunt). The generic use of "double-cunted" represents semantic bleaching or desemanticization (cf "bastard" as a general insult though it originally refers to illegitimate children)
"How can you live with yourself, you double-cunted whore?"

"Please use breath mints or shut the fuck up double-cunted cum-guzzling gutter-slut!"

"You back-stabbing, double-cunted bitch!"
by apocope February 19, 2010
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