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Dorky but in a cool way
Slidin around on your socks the other day was really dorke phresh homie!
by AlyAhna August 16, 2008
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Dorke Phresh is a krew for those people that dont stick with a clique. Its for the kids at heart. The hyper, funny, childish, immature, goofy, and random teens of America. Its made to Reminisce on the good times. The times of Hey Arnold, and Doug. The days where we would dress ourselves in the craziest clothes and not care because they looked awesome to us! Dorke Phresh means, to be dorky, but be fresh with it. Say the new slang, but mix up a bit till appeals to you! To be dorke phresh is to be out-going and open minded. Come out from hiding behind the words of the clique's dos and don'ts, and let your true beautiful colors shine =
Go ahead and jump on your bed! Feel free to roll down a hill. Who says you cant be a kid forever! Life may move on, and we all have to grow up, but we can always have our child-like mentality. Wear your mitch match socks. Dance like no one is looking. Sing a lame song out loud. The Dorke Phresh dont fix it, we flaunt it. (enless it really needs to be fixed lol) We accept you no matter what your rumor says about. No matter what mistakes you've made in the past. The point of Dorke Phresh is to keep youth alive! So dont be afraid to be plain Dorke you, but dont forget to be Phresh whith it! =
"Hey I love your new look! Itz so original and crazy cute. Super Dorke Phresh babe!"
by AhnaPha December 27, 2008
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