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A hideous, 1970's-scientific-calculator-on-the-belt-throwback, electronic contraption that was invented by cellar-dwelling, booger-rolling, ass-monkeys in the early 21st century in Canada (eh??). This device is often used by dimwitted, masturbation-addicted technosexuals to festoon their belts, along with 3-4 additional paging devices as a modern symbol of socio-economic importance. Or shall we say, impotence?
Nerd: Dude, can I borrow your Dorkberry?

Dweeb: What for? I am waiting for an important text from my posse at the Lost in Space Convention!

Nerd: But I need to Google the closest location to find a contractor who specializes in "anal extraction".

Dweeb: Huh?

Nerd: I got carried away listening to SirMixalot's "I Like Big Butts" on my iPhone, and my iPhone got lodged in my anus.

Dweeb: OK, you can use my Dorkberry
by FastEddie, KOS May 02, 2009
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