A very brilliant, handsome, talented and memorable individual.
Oh my God!!! That's Dorion!
by Beyonka Cnowles January 05, 2012
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Typically used to define a fuck up. Occurs when an individual smothers their face in that of a woman for hours on end without receiving the favour back.

An infamous tactic of Dorions is to "plant the seed" - however, the seed never seems to turn into anything.

Beyond those, Dorion is often used as a synonym for homosexual.

You pulled a Dorion last night? Ew grosse.

The last thing I'd ever want to be called is a Dorion.

Dorion is the weakest link in the Platoon.

by PatrickMeyer February 10, 2009
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Your basic rich entitled white bitch, a hope dorion is a rich white girl who believes that everyone likes her and wants any guy that another girl likes. If you talk to the hope dorion it will seem nice until proven not and it will more than likely talk shit about you behind your back before denying ever talking to you in the first place
Dude, that asshole who tired to fight you is a total Hope Dorion
by Partofthecuntchurch November 13, 2017
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Dorion help It’s me Eric I am stuck in a refrigerator and the government is preventing me from using any social media platforms so my only way of contacting you is through urban dictionary
Dorion this is no joke please let me out
by That_one_gay_person July 25, 2021
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