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Dorimar is a great friend. She may come off as extra sometimes, but you'll soon come to
love her. She might carry around a mirror to make sure she looks fabulous all times a day although
she looks flawless all times a day. She usually is surrounded by close friends and a few people she can tolerate. She is a very loyal friend and forms bonds with people that can last a lifetime. Not only is she beautiful, she is also incredibly intelligent. She might doubt herself at times, but don't be surprised when she demonstrates her

She's an amazing person and anyone would be lucky to have a Dorimar in their lives.
Did you see Dorimar today?

Yeah! I'd recognize a legend that beautiful a mile away!

Dorimar's hair is a different color today. I wonder how she looks great in all the different color's she's tried so far.
by *AzzL* July 24, 2018
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