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Best person you'll ever meet! I think. She/He's super funny and will literally make your stomach hurt from laughing so much. She/He usually isn't your usual person, they probably like stuff that isn't from their country and will be the most that stands out from the group. They're most likely a loner when you see them from a far but once you get to know them they're kind of more extroverted. This person will also be very bipolar and shy when they're around a crush, once they get used to that person the shyness will decrease.
Dorianne, you're so indecisive sometimes!
by jichu April 21, 2018
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Amazing, caring, lovable lady. Classy with a bit of sass to spice things up. Heart of gold. Won't put up with any BS tho. Beautiful inside and out!
by Kimberhd December 17, 2016
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