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can be honest, rude, sarcastic, funny, and really stubborn. At first is seen to be quiet,and innocent, but she's not at all soft spoken. If there's an argument or fight, it's most likely that she'll win. she's so good with her words that she can convince anyone. yet no one will ever really know what she's about or what she's thinking. Some may say she's mysterious and has a dark side. She doesn't only talk the talk , but she also walks the walk and wont take no for an answer. with her rudeness and sarcasm it will actually attract many. in love she's a freak and is the one who will be on top, she makes the rules and likes the roughness. she can play games but you will have to play as well as her in order for her to stay interested.
i fucking love you!!!"... - "get away from me" - " ugh fine but why you have to be such a doralys"
by truthencyclopedia June 20, 2010
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Book and street smart. A bitch, who isn't willing to bow down for no body. Hates stress and may run away from her problems, but the biggest problem is herself. Does the opposite of what you want her to do, just to tease you. May be too proud to ask for help when she needs it, which is her strength , but also her weakness. She belongs in a different category separated from humans. That's how different she is.
Friend #1" Why do you like that girl, she seems so stuck up??" -

Friend # 2 " Damn I don't know ....she's Doralys, she minds her own business, and handles things on her own."

Friend #1: "......I see what you mean"
by Japanessebarbie June 30, 2010
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