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Used as an extension of emphasis to the word "dope"

When something is described beyond the level of dope
Skeeter - "Damn bro your new Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R is DOPE!"

Ziggy - "Nah man did you see the LED spoiler?" "This baby's DOPRAH!"
by j-dizzle87 August 08, 2013
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A special Oprah show where she interviews someone who may have allegedly attempted to conceal and deny the use of performance enhancing substances for an extended period of time until they realized they officially got caught. Can be applied to future or retroactive segments where a famous individual chooses to come clean exclusively to Oprah.
Millions tuned into the Doprah show to see what the famous athlete had to say about the doping allegations throughout their career.
by moflare January 19, 2013
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