Doped up-
A drug (not specifically pot or herione) induced state that leaves you unable or in no position to do anything of any sort unless it involves screaming, laughing, crying the climbing of trees the eating of grass on all fours, as well as talking to people, no one else can see, Usually caused from ingesting the drug known as Lsd or magical mushrooms or any mix of drugs that turn any sane person into a nutcase. Permanent states of doped up or better-known as insanity can be caused by bad acid and mescaline.
- "Hey man, who was that kid running down the street naked." " "Not a clue, just another doped up kid."
"sweet jesus im so doped up i dunno which is what"
by good person February 5, 2006
"man did you watch that movie conspiracy theory last night"
"yeah mel gibson was one doped up cracka"
by Hazeey September 27, 2011
Verb. To purposely ingest large amounts of ZzzQuil sleep aid in order to get high
Jake: Yo, man you never came by to play 2k last night
Mike: Sorry dawg I passed out after doping up on squid, shit was totally tubular
Jake: Dude you have a serious drug problem and I am deeply concerned for you
by cheese434 March 4, 2017
The act of using a heat source (a lighter) to cause drugs to dissolve into water for intravenous drug users. Can also pertain to manufacturing of crack cocaine or crystal meth through necessity of a heat source. Do NOT try that at home, or anywhere else. Drugs are bad but intravenous use is RETARDED.
Yo man, you seen J recently?

Nah, last time I saw him he was cooking up dope in the ally at 54th and Crenshaw... He prolly dead.

Yo? What are you doin this weekend?

Got some fiends gettin paid, so I'll be cookin up dope.
by The dopist April 14, 2018
making some of that dank kush
Steve: i wanna hit some of that erb
Pete: lets cook up some dope
Steve: with what?
(Stephanie walks in)
Stephanie: obviously the Uzi, Pete start cooking up dope ffs
Steve: damn Pete you got a thicc bitch she a thot thot thot
Pete: nah she isn't actually hot, take the mask off... wait mask on.. fuck it mask off
by boujeethot April 4, 2017