A Doorkeeper is the person or entity that the Seeker will encounter at the entrance to the Spirit Realm. They guide Spiritual Initiates into (and back from) the Spirit world. They help the Initiate to prepare for the journey through the door. They also assist the Initiate with safely returning from the Spirit World.
The Doorkeeper will appear when the Seeker is ready to pass through the door and into the Spirit World for Guidance. The Doorkeeper will show the Seeker the location of the door. Is is then up to the Seeker to pass through it. No one call tell you what is on the other side of the door. This you will need to experience for yourself to understand your Purpose here.
by Truth Seeker By Night October 13, 2020
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When God opens doors no one can shut and when He shuts doors no one can open—when people and circumstances appear to be preventing you from your dream, but God wouldn’t allow the doors to close if they were going to keep you from your destiny.
Closed doors look permanent—your health isn’t getting better; your financial situation isn’t improving; the chances of meeting someone look dim; you’re stuck in your job or not getting promoted—but God as your doorkeeper can just walk in and suddenly open them. Are you ready for these suddenlies, as He opens and closes the right doors to protect and propel you to your next level of growth or success?
by MathPlus November 11, 2021
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