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alias for The History Channel, formerly known as The Hitler Channel. THC earned this moniker after presenting several programs depicting how the world will end. Recent programs include the prophecies of Nostradamus, the Mayan prophecies, biblical prophecies, the destruction of earth by both wordly and extra-terrestrial means, and the aftermath of the disappearance of the human race, which all have the basic underlying theme: we are all going to die... horribly. Keep watching and THC will show you how.
"You have been going to church a lot recently."
"I have been watching the Doomsday Channel. Nostradumus prophesized that the Mayans will send a gamma ray burst to wipe out the infidels at Al Magedo, and then Jesus Christ will battle Obama for our plague-ridden souls before the great alignment of planets causes a massive volcanic eruption in Yellowstone which causes the Hoover Dam to break, thus creatng a 5 mile high tsunami that wipes out all life. Gotta be prepared for that."
"You're an idiot."
by stupid sheep May 02, 2009
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