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The process in which l33t gamers settle personal vendettas and questions of gaming skill between one another in first person shooter video games. Originating in the Quake community, players who believed they had superiors skills to another player would challenge each other to doolz (or d00lz) in a 1v1 arena setting. Consequently carried over to other FPS games such as Counter Strike and Wolfenstien. The result is the winner being able to proclaim he or she "pwned that f4gg0t" and the loser forever being shamed as the no skill loud mouthed prepubescent n00b who had no business talking on team chat until their balls dropped.
l33th4cker challenged me to doolz in IRC the other day after i said I nailed his sister. I pwned that f4gg0t in the face with a deagle on dust2 while he failed to AWP me l0l0l0l0l0ll00l!!!!!!!!!111111111one.
by Mark0 Ramius February 21, 2011
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