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When you have a diarrhea hitting the toilet with so much pressure you make the toilet crack and then you get a poop flood in your basement cause of all the water going everywhere and you call state farm and they come over and they say, son I ain't tuchin' that wit a 10 foot pole, and yes even if it had a stripper on it. And then you have to move.
Joe: yo, Mel, I was in the bathroom with John the other day filming him taking a shit and he had a total dookiexplosion!

Mel: Wow! So exciting! I wish I was there!

Joe: yeah! It was so epic, it was worth getting my face splattered in poop!

John: yo, what are you talking about?

Mel: How epic your dookiexplosion was!

John: Yeah man it was siiiick!!!!
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