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N. 1. A legendary fruit native to the southern regions of Africa known by some for its ability to give immortality if squirted in the face, smells very potent and location is unknown.
2. A person without hair, of a larger size that falls down often.
3. Slang term for scrawny, weaker, pre-mature males who must maintain defensive posture to make up for their unusually small penis size.
V. 1. To live forever in a matter of speaking.
2. To perform gay acts in the face of danger.
N. The monkey with its magnificent aim, was able to make a fly trapped in a spider web immortal with the kiss of the Doober-Zyt.
He was a sad little fella who drove a Saturn and spoke with a stutter, scared of girls while flabbergasted around them, but then again he did have his German ancestry of the Germanic heritage of the Doober-Zyts.
V. The super hero rescued countless civilians, and saved the day on many occasions, but as the meteor approached he found the need to shine his latex uniform and Doober-Zyt the day.
by Cory Strawbridge September 06, 2004
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