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The Donneh are a race of people similar to that of pigmy people, that live near the coast, in the 3rd layer of Hell.

On occasions, Jesaaron will come and pilage their small village. Although this tends to happen on a weekly basis, they've grown wise two this and emit a shriek of sorts when being attacked. The ear peircing alarm can be heard for up to a half mile, it sounds like an anime girl's trademark screetch.

The Donneh are usually 3 to 4 feet tall, and are usually stocky people. They are similar to elves. Except they wildly prounce naked in their small village shouting such words as; "PENIS!", "TESTICLES!", and the usual favorite "CHODE!".

Their main diet consists of Elderberries, and large spiders. Although, many people have seen them eat such strange items as, Grass, Natalie Portman's toenail clipping's, and the occasional hooded sweatshirt. It's now know too well exactly how they survive on such foods. But they aren't extinct yet, so the mystery still remains.

The Donneh speak a language similar to Russian... But without all the evil, and incorporating tounge clicks, and penis grabs into this wild mix.

The Donneh are still seen as the strangest race of people in the underworld, and still hold the title.

..As long as those damn Joshbuttface's Don't get out...
See that Donneh over there? Yes...Yes It is small isn't it... So small...
by Sataian May 09, 2005
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Village of tiny people. Secretly store vast amounts of indie vynils and solid Gold bass guitars. Good for raiding.
....After Raiding The Donneh village, Ive gotten myself some new music.
by Jesaaron May 09, 2005
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