this name is one of the best names. its know for its unique personality. quiet at first but the best when you get her true colors out. the best friend everyone will love. very nice until betrayed or when she gets mad. knows to handle her attitude. few haters. nice,sweet,cute, best dimples. easy to have a conversation with. everyone is comfortable with her. great in bed. addicted to sex. BEST in bed, also KNOWS how to kiss. Very huggable.
donnalyn is great at evrything.
by rhean love April 4, 2011
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Donnalyn is a very hardworking woman she is so beautiful, sexy and cute. She is a singer and artist. You can easily fall to her because of her charm. She is a good person, daughter, sister and friend.
Many people knowz her because she's to cool.
Donnalyn is my idol.
by Heybes June 12, 2021
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Beautiful, intelligent, funny, charming, sweet, compassionate, hardworking and sexy as all hell. She’s loved and adored by everyone she meets and has the ability to light up a room from the moment she walks in. She’s one hell of a cook and can win you over with her laughter alone. She is competitive and a champion at everything she faces. With her independence and heart of gold, she’s not only what everyone desires, she is the epitome of wifey material.
Donnalyn, I’m going to marry you.
by Thew00d November 24, 2021
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