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The single most prolific genre of music in the universe.
Donglestep is regarded by many people to be stupid, retarded, and/or zippertits. What those people don't know is that Donglestep is the most fun genre of music to produce; taking the perfect amount of skill, talent, rhythm, vision, and laziness.

There is a sub-genre of Donglestep called Sludgestep, but it is stupid, unoriginal, and created by common plagarists.

Donglestep is the world's rarest sexual fetish. The total number of Donglophiles is exactly zero.

The most popular Donglestep artist is Papachino, but other artists include Gravy Train, Thunderbagel, Brube, Rectal Ketchups, Jedadiath, Bumbaskit, Krompet Mckgege, Solvent Mormon, and Thunderbolt Murderface, just to name a few.
"Hey, did you hear that sick Donglestep song yesterday? It's totes champin."
"Yeah, dat shit be pumpin'."
by Dirtwhistle October 12, 2013
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