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Don Haskins is the greatist college basketball coach there ever was. He didnt think black, white, latino, native american, asian, male, or femal he just thought players. He treated all his players the same way thats why he was the first coach ever to put in five black starters in a 1966 championship game agianst Kentucky not only to put them in but to win the game. His team was Texas Western College (TWC)and nobody expected this little no-name college from El Paso to win the whole thing. Many call him couragess and a pioneer in racial history but he claims he just did what they needed to do to win the game and put in his best players. They just happened to be black. He is VERY humble and is a great man.
I suggest you read Glory Road which Coach Haskins himself wrote or see the movie. Both will give you a better idea about this truly significant moment in history which ofcourse,couldn't have happened without Don Haskins.
by Celest August 08, 2006
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