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A universal phrase that can be used in almost any situation. Usually in response to someone overreacting to something, or when someone does something bad.
"Jim: What the fuck are you doing?! Those are my chips!"
"Kevin: Dude. Don't be so mayo."

*Guy falls off of his skateboard*
"Guy watching: Dude. Don't be so mayo."
by Alcranky May 21, 2010
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Campaign slogan using Miracle Whip to create a false sense of belonging, over mayonnaise. Emphasis on cool created by posing with Hipsters and drop out models. Anyone can rock out the mayo, and go unnoticed, but it takes a true douchebag to rock the 'Whip.
"Dont go unnoticed, Dont blend in, Dont be ordinary, boring, or bland.

In other words, DONT BE SO MAYO!"
by johnny mc awesome February 07, 2011
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One of the most eye-opening retorts that can be said to a person. Hatred in the most vile way possible, it declares that you are boring, unwanted, tasteless, disgusting and both smell and sickeningly resemble ejaculate. You tend to go with the crowd and conform, pretend you really arent there, and hope people dont notice you.

-originally derived from a campaign slogan involving Miracle Whip sandwich spread-

To prove how non Mayo you are, you must become part of the Hipster revolution. The Miracle Whip revolution
"Dont go unnoticed, Dont blend in, Dont be ordinary, Boring, or Bland. In other words, Dont be so Mayo!"

Person A: "Holy shit, that chick is so sexy, help me out and be my wingman for a moment while i make a move to get in her panties."

Person B: "Nah dude, i cant, i know her"

Person A: "DUDE, dont be so fuckin MAYO"

Person B: "Oh my god, im so sorry, youre right, i didnt even notice. yah, lets bust a move on that bitch"
by johnny mc awesome February 08, 2011
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When someone fails at something, you refer to an achievement from skate 3 called Don't be so mayo which was sponsered by miracle whip.
Someone crashes while skating," AWWWW BRO! Don't Be So Mayo, now drink your monster energy
by Oh gaom June 30, 2010
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