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An exclamation used to express anxiety, paranoia, and sometimes anger. Usually spoken with the voice style of a mentally challenged person with an IQ of around 13. It is customary for the user to place their hands (preferably open-palmed) over their ears, simulating earmuffs, as the exclamation implies they want to shut out the "yelling". It is also customary to do such action when no one in the vicinity of the user is yelling or even merely raising their voice.
Tim's Mom (Calmly): I think you could have done better on that math test, Tim.

Tim: *Covers ears* Don't yell at me!!!!!

Tim's Mom: Christ, I should of taken the Asian kid at the adoption center....

*Tim continues to block all sound out with his hands*
by Quit yelling!!!! July 31, 2009
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