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Don't Revive Me Bro, or DRMB, is "The pulse of the Battlefield Community". Hosted by Chris (redd_dragons), we will be inviting members of the community in every week to discuss gaming, life, and every in between.

This is the home of the unofficial DRMB clan. If you want to find like minded people to play with in game run DRMB or DRM clan tags, post in the forums, and destroy on the Battlefield.

This site will serve the community in many ways:

* DRMB Podcast

* Youtube Videos features highlighting excellent commentary or gameplay.

* Important FPS news.

* Forums.

* Blogs from community members.

* Interaction with the rest of community.
You love Battlefield, join Don't Revive Me Bro (DRMB) Clan!
by Monovo June 29, 2011
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