The recent media attention given to remote piloted drones is shedding light on a perfect example of US government getting drunk with power. The powers that be think they have the authority to spy on, and even murder citizens without this thing we have called "DUE PROCESS", under the guise of keeping us safe from terrorism. I personally do not want the skies above filled with weaponized, spying, unmanned aircraft, so my reply is, "DON'T DRONE ME, BRO!"
Guy 1: what the hell happened to your face?

Guy 2: I got stopped at a DHS checkpoint. After refusing to be searched, I was about to get let go and I said, "Don't drone me, bro!". That infuriated the agent, he called his supervisor. Next thing I know, I guess I smarted off too much to them, so they tazed me, pulled me out of the car and beat my ass for quote, threatening behavior, unquote...

Guy 1: did they find your stash?

Guy 2: No they didn't, nor the 2 mexicans i was smuggling into the country in the trunk.

Guy 1: Good, lets roll one....
by Davester75 March 16, 2013
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