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Domocentric (also domo-centric): An adjective describing a perspective or opinion based on the holder’s experience and observations limited to his/her immediate environment and time. In a societal sense, it defines a paradigm based on the local culture of a certain era. It is derived from the Latin roots of English where “domo” relates to “home” or “domestic / domicile”.

This term has previously been used, in a related manner, in a number of academic reports and studies, usually in the legal or psychological fields dealing with criminal behavior. The aim here is to extend its usage to a wider philosophical context, as illustrated below.
Two examples:

(1) The domocentric American media calling the OJ Simpson trial the “Trial of the Century”.

The Nuremberg trials of surviving Nazi leaders were the true trial of the 20th century. World War 2 directly affected everyone on the planet, led to a new geo-political reality of the Cold War (facilitated Soviet expansion into Eastern Europe, etc.) and essentially changed the course of history. As such, these men had an impact on everyone living at that time and even now. In contrast, the OJ Simpson event (double murder), though clearly a major tragedy to those involved, was simply an entertaining topical media event of the closing part of the 20th century to most people in North America and possibly even elsewhere.

(2) The mainstream domocentric position on the treatment of minorities is quite different in North America than it is in Eastern Europe or Western Asia, etc.
by moixa July 31, 2018
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