Dominant and submissive relationship. Usually in a sexual manner.
by Twixmix29 January 7, 2018
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Short for dominant or submissive

Usually in reference to sexual play
Boyfriend: hey b, tonight in bed do u wanna be Dom or sub

Girlfriend: oh I’m definitely dominant tonight
by bbeks April 4, 2018
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Domino's or subway? or for the Chads Domination or Submission
Male 1: Dom or sub?
Male 2: Domination definitely.
12 Year old boy enters
Said boy: whats ''dom or sub''?
Male 1: uhhhh
male 2: domino's or Subway
12-year-old boy: Definitely Sub
Male 1 and male 2 laughs at the kid who called himself a submissive
by Licxs April 24, 2019
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referring to dominoes or subway
girlfriend “hey honey would you like dom or sub for dinner tonight?”
boyfriend: “i dont know babe you can choose
by toenailclippingsinursoup July 6, 2019
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