A motherfucking idiot who dresses in all pink and makes students write with quills that cut into their hands. If you like this character, seek mental help.
Dolores umbridge is my least favourite harry potter character
by Pantyshitter December 30, 2021
A fictional charecter from the Harry Potter series. She ecountered Harry Potter while teacher Defense Against The Dark Arts in year 5. She is hated by 99.5% of Harry Potter fans, due to her being an unfair teacher who punished you for no reason. She has a large ego. While the other evil characters own their wickedness, she tries to pretend she's one of the good guys.
Ron: How do you feel about Dolores Umbridge
Harry: I. Hate. Her.
by Zanuruddin December 31, 2021
Dolores Jane Umbridge, or just Umbridge, is the toad faced cunt that first appears in Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix. She is loathed by almost every student, teacher or employee in Hogwarts, aside from Slytherin house which she shows blatant favouritism to, and the caretaker Filch. She has committed several atrocities to many characters, such as her firing Harry to carve *I must to tell lies* into his hand for weeks on end, forcefully sacking Treylawney, refusing to teach the students and actual education, attempting to sack and Hagrid, and nearly killing McGonagall in the process and trying to send Albus Dumbledore to Azkaban. In The Deathly Hallows, she becomes the Minister for Magic, and starts making illegal court cases against muggleborn witches and and wizards. At the end of the series, she is committed to Azkaban. In HP, almost every single character has something redeemable and there is barely a character that is completely hated. That being said, I have never found a character who doesn't despise Umbridge.
HP fan: Hey, do you think Lucius Malfoy was a good character?
Me: Well, he's no Dolores Jane Umbridge.
by Ravenclaw Prefect October 13, 2018