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a term for the mass drunkenness of people who otherwise had no intention of drinking and/or getting drunk, caused by one single instigator
- "Why are you 3 hours late for work?"
- "I got Dolan'd last night."
by seeRoxx February 26, 2010
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Doland is very funny at times. Will make you laugh even if your down or gotten into a fight with him. He gets very angry at the littlest things but will over come in short time. Is a great friend to anybody but he only decides if you are good enough to be his friend. Has the best jokes. Very smart, focused, funny, loving, and caring. Can be an ass at times... be careful. He will want you to do things right and will help you if you are confused. Jokes around a lot. Very well known; popular in crowded places (school, park, store, Etc.)
Wow, Doland is such a cool kid!
I wish I was as popular like him
by nelly.xXx May 16, 2018
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