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It's the sexual position akin to Doggy Style, except instead of the woman (or gentleman, if you swing that way) being on her (or his) hands and knees, she (or he) lies on her (or his!) stomach. Thus, the doggy pancake.
Advantages - Very comfortable, pleasurable for the woman.
Disadvantages - There are disadvantages? There are no disadvantages, unless you hate comfort and orgasms.
Girl #1 - You got laid last night? How was it?
Girl #2 - Great, obviously.

Girl #1 - Why obviously?

Girl #2 - We did the doggy pancake. Win! I mean, I came like 47 times.

Girl #1 - (To random male passerby) Hey you! Come here! We're doing the doggy pancake! Lose the pants!
by Ladies is pimps too December 18, 2010
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