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A middle school in east cobb where fuckboys and Thots swarm to because there rich white parent want them to get a good education. The social class is usually divided into groups the thats, the fuckboys, the emo/week oo/ social justice warriors, the nerds, the skaters, and finally one that dips into all ( the skater kid). The whole school is white and Asian with usually 1 or 2 black kids that the white kids worship. Let's get to the feel of dodgen, the teachers are from hell ( except that cool 6th grade SS teacher ) . The main Satan teacher is that bitch 7th grade teacher that runs silent lunch yeah fuck you. The cafeteria food has mold on it and is always 100% expired,and taste like shit. The 8th graders Juul in the bathroom and since half of the school are snitches you of course get in trouble. Teachers give you way too much work and if your popular you don't get marked for late work.the thats run the school and only few Christian Thot exterminators and patrol stop them (that one 7th grade kid on my bus that screams begone thotomiss prime). But dodgen is shit and roaches are everywhere and dress code is fucked up like damn we in the 21st century but you can't wear leggng like fuck y'all teacher just because you got a ugly body dosent mean the thotties can show off theirs.
Average fuckboi : fuck you mom and dad just drive me in the Bugatti today bitch!
Parents: ok have a nice day
Thot to fuck boi: omg can I suck you 1 inch cock average fuckboi
Average member /skater : begone Thot

Autistic kid: reeeeeeeeeeeeeee dodgen reeeeeee
Thot: I fucking hate dodgen middle school
Mrs. wiles : silent lunch all of you dodgen middle school reeeeeeeeee
Everyone : Dodgen Middle School sucks
by Thotslayer225 June 05, 2018
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a nice school located in Cobb County GA. the staff of the school include; crazy legs (the janitor with a bum leg), an insane 6th grade science teacher (she tells her secrets to chickens because pigs cant keep secrets and she got abducted by aliens...), and a 7th grade SS teacher spawned in the fires of hell. ( she could actually be Satan.)
dodgen middle school
by ginger kid95 July 18, 2009
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