1. What teachers always blabber about.

2. An excuse from your parents just so that they can always get what they want while you do your homework, or maybe even do perverted things (see masturbate and sex).
Example 1:
Teacher: Do your homework

Kid: But I'm still at school, Mrs. Dick.

Teacher: Do your homework

Kid: But it's too early

Teacher: Do your homework


Teacher: Michael! Now it's 2 hours detention for you!

Kid: Fuck.

Teacher: 3 hours!

Example 2:

Kid: Ahh, time to watch some porn while mom's not looki-

Mom: Michael, don't you have some homework to do?

Kid: But mom, can't I just-


Kid: Darn.

-Kid walks away-

Mom: Hmm...PORN?! Oh, well...seems fun...

-masturbates while watching-
by Light White Dragon October 18, 2011
1. The will to have sexual intercourse with someone.
2.Wanting to fuck the shit out of another person
A: God, i have so much homework to do for class tomorow.
B: Baby, i want to do your homework!
by harriecunt February 16, 2009
This is a meme phrase from a tv series called a serbian film

It's mainly spread through discord and tiktok it's become a legendary meme

It's popular among meme legends that participated in "cum wars" and the "abusement park" gc

You can find it easily on discord

famous youtubers such as big nick, oompa loompa gaurdian, lebron cum juice v2 and tittysplitter have made these jokes famous

for the nerds artur is a character from the game zelda that gets referenced in a movie
Just to clarify artur is not a real person
Hey man you're taking too long don't pull a artur why you not do your homework on me
Yeah bruh

Bruh deez nutz you pulled it you idiot!
by subaruwrx an tesla and toyot a December 7, 2021