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A verbal request or instruction issued by a woman who is about to participate in sexual intercourse, indicating a desire to be penetrated in a powerful manner. While there are many occasions when a woman wishes to enjoy careful and prolonged foreplay and gentle intercourse, numerous women occasionally enjoy forceful sexual congress, where she is erotically ‘taken’ by her partner in a determined manner. It is clearly important that the male partner awaits very clear instructions before undertaking this style of sexual intercourse.
“Karen - You turn me on, I love those sexy panties and your pretty bra - if I’m real gentle can I slip them off?”

“I want them in shreds Freddie, and they’re yours if you do one thing for me”

“What’s that baby?!

Do me hard Freddie, do me real hard this once.”

(Sound of ripping silk as Karen’s panties are forcefully removed ....)
by Katie4eyes June 20, 2018
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Can be deceptively used for Do Me Hard. It is used only in written text. Means have sex with me.
Hey baby, why dont you DOMEHARD!
by Dessfox August 21, 2007
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