A Diviya is someone that possesses beauty that rivals that of a goddess and has eyes which contain the entire universe itself. Her lips seem as soft as a marshmallow and her hair is similarly majestic to that of a lion’s mane. A Diviya is very sweet, kind, gentle, sporty and has a good sense of humor. She easily makes friends with others of either gender and is an outgoing extrovert.
Person 1 : “Hey is her name Diviya by any chance?”

Person 2 : “You guessed it! She’s the living embodiment of beauty ain’t she?”
by BringBackTL March 01, 2018
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A very kind and loving person who is shy but can be very wild outside a friend u can always trust with all your secrets
Person:I can really trust her she is so kind Diviya
by Tkkkkkkk May 22, 2018
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