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The hardworking bartender at your favorite hole-in-the-wall bar. If you're lucky, they're hot and love to flirt, but most of the time they're a bit worse for the wear. Which is understandable considering the drunken, abusive clientele they have to put up with all day long.
Our divetender at the Poop Deck on Thursday night had a great turd cutter and a perfect set of blouse mounds.
by motor( . )( . )boat July 01, 2011
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There is a spectrum of bartender types going from "Dive" to "Volume". "Dive" referring to the term Dive Bar and Volume referring to High-Volume Busy Shifts. Divetender refers to a bartender who excels at being friendly and personable to each patron. To be further on this end of the spectrum means that you are good at making conversation and remembering customer names and drinks, but might get stressed out when given busy shifts or found in the weeds.
There's a good review that was left on google about a friendly patio bartender. I bet it was Alex, he works out there all the time and is one of our best Divetenders.
by TheNatorGator October 12, 2018
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