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The inability to distribute something in an effective and timely manner. The word is a truncation of distribution (ie distri, from the Latin> not to try), and minutia meaning small or minor in detail.
Flyer Distrinution
Hello Folks,
I think we are setting a dangerous trend with our flyers by not getting them in the customers hand prior to or at least by the effective date?????????? This is two months in a row we will be 7 to 10 days past the effective date getting them in the customers hands??? We need to have them in house by the 15th of the month prior to the effective date in order to make this happens. I have not had any major complaints but if this trend continues we can expect this to become an unacceptable issue with some of our accounts!! One example is Doosan as they reminded me last print we were late and I made up a believable excuse to pacify them and here we will be late again this print. I feel we are pushing the print date out in an effort to add last minute product but I think being punctual with our delivery should be our number one priority and we need to establish a drop dead date we will go to print each month and abide by it, no exceptions!!!
by Lexicalann September 26, 2011
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