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A 7 syllable word mangle, fusing dissatisfaction and delicious. Meaning dissatisfied, but in a hip way. You make this face when you see something overdone, boring, and hum drum.

This word throws off anyone who hears it in the right context. When someone describes something as disatisfactilicious, you wonder whether it meant something good or bad.
Like AIDSrific. Fusing one negative word to one positive word.... to stick it to the man, and confuse old people

Kind of like heli-cool.

Also a horrible way of trying to write lyrics by knowing what the word you need sounds like, but trying to find the correct amount of syllables, and have it mean what you want it to. So when you find out that word doesn't exist, or sound right, make it up.

"Why you got that dissatisfactilicious look on your face?"

"That new album is disatisfactilicious!"
by Y0r0 April 08, 2009
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