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A euphoric feeling of bliss, enhanced by the essence of true Disney magic.
Addict #1: Ohmahgahz, did see the new dragon in Fantasmic?!?! I had a Disneygasm when the fire shot out of its head.

Addict #2: Dude, I just dizzed in my pants.
by Obsessed with the Diz January 31, 2010
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1 The act of jerking (jilling?) off on one of the many rides in a Disney theme park, especially the boring ones.
2 The act of orgasming on any theme park ride that could conceivably be at a disney park.
3 Masturbating to disney porn (seriously, funniest shit ever).
Guy#1: Sweet Jesus! The wheel of progress ride was so fucking boring so I had a disneygasm under my rain poncho so I wouldn't fall asleep.
Guy#2: Is that story even true? bet your sweet ass it is.
by Guy#1:HA! April 15, 2010
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