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When you keep seeing the same random person throughout the day at an amusement park.
Disney vu! I saw that guy with the Zune tattoo earlier today at Autopia.
by namrah June 20, 2014
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What happens when someone winds up in a event, and senses it being similar to another event from any Disney film they had seen before.
I am not going to lie to you. I know of a friend who could have been in a musical adaptation of Disney's Mulan once. She ended up using the ability of altering her own voice to fan dub characters in some videos and video games, including the males. You could say she was in a Disney Vu because she did not get into the production and was able to fulfill her desires by acting like someone else.

Girl #1: I have a female relative who feels like outcast because of her driving lesson with me. All I just did was ask her how would she feel if I started dating.
Girl#2: Well I hate to say this, but I think you and her are in a Disney Vu due to the fact your relationship is similar to Anna and Elsa.
Girl#1: What!?

Guy#1: I have a crush on this one girl, and I was wondering if you can help me out by lending some money.
Guy#2: (to himself) This sounds all too much like Aladdin, he must be in a Disney Vu.

Girl#1: You would not believe how my crush was able to find me after last night's date.
Girl#2: Well how did he find you?
Girl#1: I lost my favorite cell phone.

Girl#2: Does that make him a Prince Charming? Because you guys acted as though you were like the leading couple from Disney's Cinderella.
Girl#1: And be in a Disney Vu? Please.
by Mariposa24 April 08, 2014
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