In the financial world this is used to describe the termination of an ongoing relationsip with a customer. This replaces “exiting the relationship,” as it simply sounds more pleasant, or as George Carlin might have playfully contrasted the terms, you ‘disembark’ a cruise ship but ‘exit’ a fire drill.
Mister Stockton’s account remained in overdraft so we disembarked.
by Sharp Pencils November 11, 2017
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Something an Air Host/Hostess will say when leaving a plane to sound intelligent.
I'm sorry passengers, you will need to wait before your disembarkation due to another plane on the tarmac
by Lanslide March 10, 2010
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when you exit a vehicle,aircraft or ship
a man crashed his plane into a fucking tree and disembarked
by bitch ass April 10, 2017
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