1-A man who works in a factory that produces womens stockings and holds them up in front of his eyes and looks to the next guy and seys disel fitter meaning(these will fit her )
Joe -Hey how long have you been a disel fitter?

Lou-Oh about 20 yrs now.
by troubledemon April 5, 2009
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When a person with normal IQ levels experiences a brief moment of mental retardation. The term was "coined" in New York.
Fake ticket scalper: This offer will only stand for the next 60 seconds...

Tracy: But they are only $5!! The guy even TOLD me they aren't fake, etc. etc. etc.

Me: What the HELL is wrong with him?

You: Don't worry hes just having a disel moment.
by Tricky Ricky Williams May 27, 2009
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