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Having a rhythmic and fluid identity which flows with life and does not isolate itself from accepting diversity and an eclectic existence.
I am feeling rather discosexual about this, and your rhetoric seems too be redundant.
by Trippitytrip July 22, 2014
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A Discosexual is someone who believes they are not from this planet, but are born from the Galaxy itself, and find sexual and romantic attraction to anyone who appreciates the rhythm of the galaxy's disco. Furthermore, a discosexual doesn't see gender and looks for someone with the galaxy in their eyes, as well for someone they can reach the stars together with.
"Holy shit, see that girl over there? She looks like she's on some heavy drugs, look how glazed over her expression is."
"No man, she's a Discosexual, you can see the entire galaxy in her eyes."
by Just another Discosexual July 12, 2016
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