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A rugged hero (in contrast to some emo wussy boy type) who lives IN the moment and moves WITH the moment, and isn't afraid to get nuts on the dance floor, even when he doesn't know how to dance professionally. This is someone getting into the music (usually Industrial/Electronica of some sort) and mixing up 70s Disco Inferno moves with 80s Break Dancing, The Running Man and inventing shit on the fly, LOST IN A GOOD TIME, and in return, gets the party motivated into having a good time too. Basically an all balls no brains go to midnight fueled by IDGAF (I Don't Give A Fuck). ---Often times it is the Disco Barbarian who gets the digits and the ladies, because he isn't lacking in confidence and can have a good time, and he's not ultimately some punk ass wuss.
Random Dood: "This guy can't even dance properly!???"

{women screaming in the background}

Jenny: "So! This guy is fucking awesome, unlike you assholes sitting around doing nothing."

Random Guy: "MAH FUCKIN' DISCO BARBARIAN slaying the floor!"

{Disco Barbarian is welcomed to a table of ladies}
by Mercenary X99 November 23, 2011
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