Dancing to late-night disco funk at abandoned Dim Sum restaurants in Chinatown in downtown Manhattan.
Oh, he's just disco dancing again at the Dim Sum Palace in Chinatown. What a champ.
by disco_stewwww September 10, 2010
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Verb: when you are losing a fight and you have no other options. ~Retaliation disco slam dancing~ start flailing your arms and legs in any way to flop either into, or away from your enemy.
by marshmallowmayty April 12, 2019
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When two people fuck with LED light on
Cashier: oh you’re going to decorate your room with lights for the aesthetic?

Person: oh no Im going to do the disco dance with my significant other.
by Yahmama01 January 11, 2022
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Is a different style of Dance. Often you Dance a lot more faster than in other styles. You Need to be flexible, and strong to hit the powerful moves. Your facial expressions are important. This style of Dance is most big in the Scandinavia, but also in rest of europe.
Oh you do disco dance? You Need to be very well trained!

Disco Dance is such a fun Dance style!
by Alialimm December 12, 2016
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