Archaic - For us old timers who were around during the time of disco before MDMA, Disco Biscuits referred to qualuudes.

It's funny that the defination went from a downer to an upper.
How about giving me one of those disco biscuits before we head over to Studio 54?
by tai cheese June 01, 2009
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Housewives of True Crime podcast has coined a new term for a hot, beautiful, attractive woman. This is a woman who catches your eye when she walks by, is attractive to your senses. Beneficial qualities.
Mary walked by in her fancy 4 inch stilettos and short skirt- she was a real disco biscuit.
She was a real disco biscuit with her flowing blonde hair and long legs.
by disco biscuit May 11, 2020
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Tits. Stripper status. Exposed when they shouldn't be.
...While standing in line at the supermarket...
"Damn! Check out the disco biscuits on her!"
"Nice, dude."
tits, stripper, boobs, breasts
by heathos March 12, 2010
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A Quaalude, Sopor, or Parest (methaqualone) tablet. It was coined in the mid-70's, before most people ever heard of Ecstasy. It is a hypnotic (sleeping pill) that was popular due to its side-effect of lowering sexual inhibition in females (it tended to make males somewhat impotent.) The term disco-biscuit (with a hyphen) shifted to refer to Ecstasy (and the hyphen was dropped) when methaqualone was made a Schedule I drug and withdrawn from the US market in 1984.
Give that girl a disco-biscuit and you're sure to get laid.
by NotSteve September 18, 2006
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1. A trance fusion/jamtronica band from Philly known for their unique concerts and rave inspired light shows. They are credited as one of the first bands to mix the traditional jam band sound with electronica along with Lake Trout and The New Deal. They can often be found playing let night sets at jam and electronic festivals.

2. Slang term in the 1970's for Qualuudes, NOT MDMA/ECSTASY
1. Did you see The Disco Biscuits at Rothbury last year? It was crucial!

2. She took so many Disco Biscuits she could barely walk
by BiscoFever April 16, 2011
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